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Cherokee from San Antonio and Austin gathered for a rousing game of stickball
at the recent hog fry when Cheif Baker visited in San Marcos.

Welcome to the Homepage for the Central Texas Cherokee Township (CTCT), a community of Cherokees dedicated to Cherokee history, language, culture, heritage, tradition and fellowship.

We endeavor to bring news from the nation to our members as well as meetings, fellowship and friendship. We offer occassional gatherings, information exchanges and a chance to meet fellow citizens of the nation. You are welcome to join if you are Cherokee, a family member of a Cherokee or interested in Native American culture and heritage.

New Council Convenes

The new council convened on Saturday February 2 to discuss new by-laws for the township. The current by-laws were adopted after several members of the township and council left the state for better employment. Last year the remaining two council positions were filled by Teresa Persun and Anneliese Wainright, bringing the council back to full membership. Council members are now reviewing the by-laws to makes sure they are current with the Nation's community outreach requirements and the current needs of the township. Township members will be notified of the proposed changes when they are finished. The seven council members are Ellis Craig, Sandra Pulido, Phillip and Carol Stephens, Jessica Kitt, Teresa and Anilise. High school student Jasmine Gatica has also been selected as the council's first youth member.

Heirloom Seed Samples come to Austin

Speaker Feather Smith-Trevino demonstrates native basket weaving skills.

Feather Smith-Trevino, a cultural biologist for Cherokee Nation, and former Miss Cherokee will present an evening of Cherokee Ethnobiology (the study of how native peoples interact with their environment) on July 11 at the Texas Music Museam on 11th Street. The presentation will be followed by pot luck

The first half of the presentation will focus on the Cherokee heirloom garden on the grounds of the Cherokee Nation complex and preserves plants considered important to the Cherokee people. Some are medicinal, some edible, and some are used in cultural crafts. The majority of the seeds for the Cherokee seedbank are harvested on site as an opportunity for Cherokee citizens to obtain seeds grown by the Cherokee people before the Trail of Tears removal.

The second half focuses on native plants programs the Nation has in progress or has completed in the past to study and preserve those plants.

Historian Hamilton Spoke of Cherokee Culture

Roy Hamilton

Roy Hamilton, Special Projects Officer for the Cherokee Nation visited last spring to discuss Cherokee history and culture. Hamilton is a Cherokee family history specialist, and Cherokee history and preservation lecturer. He wrote "Ned Christie, Cherokee Warrior, 1852-1892," and co-edited and designed the book "Cherokee Writers from the Flint Hills of Oklahoma: An Anthology." You can find more about him at the Roy Hamilton site.

Living Treasure Martha Berry Beadwork Show big hit

berry floral purse
Floral purse by beadwork
artist Martha Berry.

More than two dozen people braved storms and flooded streets two attend Living Treasure Martha Berry's lecture, "The Rise, Loss, and Revival of Cherokee Beadwork". The exhibit featured scores of photographs of traditional Cherokee and Southeastern Woodlands tribal beadwork as one of the East Austin Arts events events last November. See the slideshow.

You can check also see her work at her retail site or her daughter Christina's site All Things Cherokee.

Visit from Chief Baker

Chief Baker and the COTTA staff brought a hog fry to San Marcos to meet with members from the San Antonio and Central Texas townships in September. Speakers included storyteller Robert Lewis and at-large delegate Julia Coates. See the slideshow.

Elections Over

Phillip Stephens, was elected to his second term with the council. He previous volunteered to serve an unelected position in 2002. You can see his information with the rest of the board.

The new by-laws have been approved. They allow for a moreflexible board with three to seven members, allow two members from the same family to serve, formalize election by email and dissolve formal board positions, allowing members to serve more than one function. The new by-laws have been posted and are available for review.

Township FAQ

Click on the heads below for more information about the township and its activities. (You can close the window by clicking on the head again.)

Our mission

Our Mission

The Central Texas Cherokee Township is a non-political, non-profit Native American organization affiliated with the Cherokee Nation whose members reside outside the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation and Bands. We have come together on the basis of our shared history and heritage, and out of an interest in the continuation of and a love for Cherokee Peoples and Nations.

Although the CTCT is directed predominantly by citizens of the Cherokee Nation, our Membership is not restricted to enrolled Cherokees. Unenrolled Cherokees, other Indians peoples, and anyone with an interest in Cherokee culture possessing a sincere commitment to the continued well-being of the Cherokee Nation are openly welcome to participate in a spirit of good Cherokee fellowship.

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

There are no scheduled meetings for the township. Cherokee beadwork artist Martha Berry will lecture on the history of Cherokee beadwork from 3-6pm on November 22. This 1-hour lecture is packed with scores of beautiful photographs of traditional Cherokee and other Southeastern Woodlands tribal beadwork. It also features photos of the work of the other master beaders, as well as the work of Mrs. Berry's students. Along with it comes a nice dose of Cherokee history, as the history of Cherokee beadwork was so greatly influenced by what was happening to the Cherokee people for the past 5 centuries.

Past Minutes

Past Minutes

We will post links to past meeting minutes as they become available



Check here for links to archives of past events.